Best Travel Organizers: The Organized Traveler’s Secret Weapons

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Do you hate packing, or always feels disorganized or unprepared while traveling? Well, then look no further.  I put together a list of the best travel organizers to make packing stress-free and keep travelers organized plus one amazing travel home decor item that’s just too good to not include.

Plus, many of these travel organizers are under $25, making them super affordable to buy for yourself or as a gift.

The Best Travel Organizers

1.) Packing Cubes

There is a reason packing cubes are #1 on my list.  Packing cubes are hands down the best travel organizer.  They revolutionized my attitude toward packing.  Packing for trips used to stress me out.  And I never felt organized once we arrived at our destination.  I hated living out of a suitcase or the small drawers in a hotel.  The packing cubes make it so much easier to pack, stay organized while traveling and unpack.

I bought two sets of packing cubes – AmazonBasics and Shacke Pak to test. While the Shacke Pak seemed a little higher quality, both sets still look brand new after A LOT of uses.

Unique gifts for travelers - packing cube Shacke Pak

2.) Hanging Toiletry Bag

Countertop space is usually scarce when I travel.  Having a toiletry bag that can hang from a hook, towel bar or shower rod helps maximize bathroom space.  This toiletry bag has two side pockets with elastic straps to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, etc.  The large center section can hold full-sized bottles.  There are also 3 smaller zipper pouches that are perfect for makeup or travel-sized containers. Bonus: there are 4 color options!

Men don’t always need or want all the compartments of the toiletry bag above.  This bag is the more traditional dopp kit style for men but it also has a hanger (not common in this style)!  It’s made with fabric perfect for handling wet areas and some accidental spills.  It comes in 4 colors and is protected by a 1-year guarantee.

3.) Silicone Travel Pouch for Hot Hair Tools

Made of heat resistant silicone, this pouch can actually double as a protective mat when you’re using your flat iron or curling iron and then as a pouch to quickly store the hot hair tool.  No need to wait for the flat iron to cool down before putting it into the pouch and then into the suitcase.

4.) Travel Shoe Bags

Keep the dirt from your shoes separate from your clothes in the suitcase with travel shoe bags.  Made with a lightweight, waterproof fabric.  Large enough to fit up to men’s size 14.

I also have to include these adorable travel shoe bags.  They were too cute to not include! They hold up to women’s size 9.

5.) Waterproof Dry Bag Set

These waterproof dry bags are perfect for anyone going whitewater rafting, to a waterpark, boating, or pretty much anywhere that there’s a chance your stuff will get wet.  This bag double zip locks to keep your things dry.  Comes with two bonus pouches – one that you can wear on your waist or as a cross-body pouch and one for a cell phone.

6.) Mini First Aid Kit

It’s so important to be prepared for minor injuries, especially when traveling.  This kit has 92 items including an assortment of bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and even an emergency blanket! It’s all packed into a fairly small pack, making it perfect for travel.  Just be sure to check TSA rules if you intend to put in a carry-on, as it does contain scissors.

7.) Portable Charger 

Don’t be caught traveling with a dead phone battery!  Invest in a portable charger.  This charger has two USB ports so it can charge two devices at the same time.  It can charge an iPhone almost 5 times and a Samsung Galaxy phone 3 times!

8.) Digital Luggage Scale

Airline suitcase weight rules can cost you big time if you aren’t prepared.  A digital luggage scale can make sure you’re within guidelines before you leave the house.  Take it with you to your destination to make sure any purchases you make while traveling doesn’t put you over the luggage weight limit for your return flight.

9.) Travel Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry can easily be lost or tangled while traveling.  Keep your jewelry neat with a travel jewelry organizer.  This case has plenty of room and designated space for rings, necklaces and earrings.  Comes in 3 colors.

10.) Tie Travel Case

Keep ties neat and wrinkle-free with a tie travel case.  Holds up to 6 ties and has a small section for collar stays or cufflinks.  This is a must-have travel organizer for any guy who travels for business.

11.) Travel Organizer for Electronic Accessories

Anyone who travels with more than one electronic device (smartphone, tablet, Kindle, etc.) can benefit from a travel organizer for electronic accessories.  Neatly store all the chargers, memory cards, flash drives and more.  I have a case from the same company and it has held up for YEARS.

12.) Trunk or Backseat Organizer

This is the best travel organizer for road trips or just everyday life.  This trunk organizer is perfect for the cargo area of SUVs, hatchbacks and station wagons.  It installs around the headrests so it can even be used as a backseat organizer in all types of cars.  It keeps items off the floor, leaving the floor space open for luggage, strollers, groceries or passengers (if used in the backseat).  This is seriously probably the best purchase you can make to organize your car for road trips or everyday use.

13.) Roadside Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency kit is really something that everyone should have in their car.  But it’s especially important for road trips.  This kit is pretty comprehensive, including jumper cables, self-powered flashlight, window breaker and seat belt cutter, light sticks and so much more.

14.) Travel Watch Roll

If you know someone who loves watches, then they need a travel watch roll.  This case has a solid construction to protect watches when traveling.  Holds three watches and fits most sizes.  The three cushions provide separation so the watches are banging into each other when the case is jostled.

15.) Carry-on Bags

Having essentials close by when your traveling is a must-have.  Having a carry-on bag that can fit everything you need and keep you organized is also a must-have.  That’s why I love the Amazon Basics carry-on bag.  It holds quite a bit of stuff and has pockets to help you get and stay organized while traveling.  And it has wheels and telescoping handle, which makes toting your stuff through the airport a breeze.

Another great carry-on option is the weekender backpack.  It fits a ton of stuff, has multiple organizing pockets and offers the convenience of hands-free carrying.

16.) Travel Wall Map

While this Push Pin Travel Map isn’t something to help with staying organized while traveling, but it is a stylish way to track places you’ve visited or keep track of where you want to go.  Each member of my family is assigned a different color push pin and we place a pin in every city each person has visited.  I get a ton of compliments on it and it starts great conversations when we have people over to our home.

Push Pin Travel Maps offers so many options.  Some of the pushpin map options are:

  • U.S. maps
  • World maps
  • Europe Maps
  • Different colors options
  • Framed, with multiple colors available
  • Canvas wrapped
  • America’s baseball stadiums map
  • National Parks map

I love that there is an option to personalize the travel maps to make it an extra special gift.

While the maps come with some push pins, I’d bought additional pins from them so each family member has their own color.  You may want to consider additional pins if you want specific colors.

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