Super Simple Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

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Getting Christmas decoration out of storage and making the house festive is one of my favorite times of the year. The decorations bring back so many special memories.  But, putting them away is typically such a chore.  That’s why learning how to store Christmas decorations properly and investing in the best storage solutions makes the process so much easier.

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

You’ll see a lot of the product descriptions below with terms like sturdy and durable.  Christmas decorations are typically stored in basements, attics and garages that may have dust, moisture and pests.  It’s so important to buy quality items that will not only last for years and years but also be easy to use and keep your Christmas decorations safe and protected.


The best Christmas decoration storage solutions - ornaments in a box

Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

Christmas ornaments are my absolute favorite Christmas decoration.  I have so many that hold special meaning because they were handed down to me, collected while traveling, bought as wedding presents and plenty that I love just because they are pretty.  Even if they aren’t worth a lot of money, they have a lot of sentimental value to me and I want to protect them.

I wasn’t happy with my previous Christmas ornament storage solutions.  I had multiple cheap ornament boxes that you can find at Target or Walmart.  You know the plastic boxes with the cardboard dividers?  They were an evil necessity.

I hated the flimsy cardboard.  There was no protection for all my fragile ornaments. I spent way too much time individually wrapping each ornament.

Then the search for better Christmas ornament storage ideas began.  And I found an amazing storage solution for my precious Christmas ornaments.

I love Covermates durable storage bags and boxes for Christmas ornaments.  I wish I would have invested in a quality ornament storage bin much early.

The pros of the Coverstore bag/box:

  • Padded storage inserts!  I love that the all sides of the inserts are padded so my ornaments can be safely stored without adding rolls of bubble wrap.  This is by far my favorite feature and so worth the cost, in my opinion.
  • The dividers are covered with padding and fabric so they durable, unlike the cardboard inserts in the cheap boxes made by other brands.
  • It’s super simple to move the dividers to fit larger ornaments.
  • The boxes and bags come in various sizes accommodating 36 to 108 ornaments.


How to Store Christmas Lights

Ah, the beauty of twinkling Christmas lights…and the pain of storing all those strands of lights.  The frustration of untangling lights year after year can be maddening.  And trying to find out how to wrap Christmas lights for storage doesn’t work well without a complicated technique.  But there are much better solutions!

Using specially designed containers with insets is the best way to wrap your Christmas lights for storage.  Once you use the light reel wraps, you’ll never go back to messily tossing lights in the box.  The system is so simple and yet it’s genius.

This Christmas lights storage box with four durable plastic wraps can accommodate up to 800 bulbs.

Anyone with a large number of lights to store will want to buy the four-pack Sterilite Christmas light boxes.  Each box can hold 1,600 bulbs!  So with four boxes, there is storage for 6,400 bulbs!

Christmas Wreath Storage

Keep your welcoming wreaths in pristine condition with protective wreath storage bags.  I personally love storage bags for wreaths because then they can hang in your storage area without the fear of crushing them.

This Christmas wreath storage bag can hold up to a 36″ wreath.  It features velcro straps to keep your wreath in place.  It’s made of a durable fabric that will resist dust moisture and pests.


Christmas Tree Storage

Whether you are looking for Christmas tree storage bags, boxes, containers, bins or totes there is an option for you.  The number of options can be overwhelming.

The trend has moved more toward Christmas storage bags because of the flexibility they offer when packing and unpacking the tree.

The rolling structured Christmas tree bag provides the best of all the options.  It has a little bit structure, some flexibility, sturdy fabric with padded handles and wheels for easy maneuverability.


If you’re lucky enough to be able to store your tree assembled, CoverMates is the go-to again for a storage bag.  I would love it if I didn’t have to take my tree apart to store it but due to the size of the tree and where we store it, it’s just not practical to keep the tree assembled for storage.


Garland Storage Ideas

Storing garland is similar to Christmas tree storage, just with a smaller bag or box.  I personally prefer to just use the plastic storage bins you can find at Target or Walmart.

Another option is a Christmas tree storage bag designed for smaller trees.  Of course, if you have a ton of garland, then a standard size bag may be just what you need.

Gift Wrap Storage Container Ideas

Gift wrap storage containers is another area where there are a lot of different types – under bed storage, hanging, upright, bags and boxes.

This gift wrap storage bag organizes not only your wrapping paper but also all your gift wrapping accessories, like ribbons, bows, gift tags and tissue paper.  You can easily store it under a bed or on a shelf.

A great option for hanging wrapping paper organizer is available at Amazon.  The hooks swivels 360 degrees providing easy access to all the compartments and pockets.  A lot of the hanging storage solutions are made of plastic that can easily tear but this organizer is made of a durable fabric.

Super Simple Ways to Organize Christmas Decorations


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