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I used to think the only way spices were truly organized was if they were in matching jars with pretty labels.  But I finally woke up and realized that’s not how to organize spices.  Organization does not mean that everything has to be matchy-matchy.  You can organize spices without match jars.  

For whatever reason, the matching spice jars are never made big enough to hold the entire contents of the store bought spice bottles.  I always ended up with double the amount of bottles to store because I’d fill up the pretty jars and then still have to keep the store bought bottle because there was a little bit left in it.  Spices can be expensive so I didn’t want to throw out perfectly good spices.

But besides need double storage space, the time it takes to transfer spices from one jar to the next just isn’t worth it.  It may seem like it doesn’t take that much time but it really adds up. If you’re looking for more time in your day or just want to simplify your life, then start with ditching the matching spice jars.  

The best way to organize spices. spices on spoons

Where to Store Spices

To get the longest shelf life from your spices and retain their flavor, there are several areas in the kitchen you don’t want to store your spices. 

Spices break down when exposed to moisture,heat and light.  

X  Don’t keep spices need the stove, oven or other heat sources.  

X  Don’t keep them in an area exposed to direct sunlight.  

X  Don’t store spices in the fridge or freezer.  The temperature changes can create condensation and the moisture will ruin your spices.  

  Do store spices in a panty or a cabinet or drawer away from heat sources.

How to Organize Spices

I organize all of my spices alphabetically.  It makes it easy for everyone in the family to quickly find the spices they need.  It takes a second longer to put them away but it’s well worth it so you’re not hunting for what you need the next time (or buying duplicate spices because you didn’t see you already had it).  

I have a lot of spices and I decided to have two areas where I keep spices.  I separate the grilling spices from all the other spices.   My husband does all the grilling so it’s easier for him to have a dedicated spot for those spices.  

Another way to organize a large quantity of spice is by separating your most used spices from the spices that are only used occasionally.  

Spice Organizers

There are a lot of different organizers for spices.  These are the best ways to organize spices based on the type of space you have available – wall mounted, in drawer, in cabinets, etc.

Wall Mounted Spice Racks

I love my  wall mount spice rack.  I had one in my old house that I left when we moved so I bought the exact same one to use in my new house.  It’s sturdy and the spaces in between each tier allow enough room for taller spice jars.  I have the 4 tier rack but it also comes in 2, 3 or 5 tiers.

And while it’s called a wall mount spice rack, it can also be hung on the back of a door or cabinet door.  I have mine hanging on the back of the pantry door.

How to Organize Spices. Wall mounted spice rack
Matching spice jars not included


In-Drawer Spice Organizer

The best in drawer spice organizer is made by the same company that makes a bakeware organizer that is a must-have kitchen organization product.

This spice drawer organizer is ingenious because you can cut it to fit your drawer!  It can accommodate shorter and taller spice jars.  The organizer keeps the bottles from sliding around when the drawer is opened and closed.

How to Organize Spices - in drawer spice organizer.

Cabinet Spice Organizer (Also Works as a Pantry Organizer)

A tiered shelf organizer is vital to raise the spice jars so you can see the ones in the back.  This tiered organizer is also expandable to fit your cabinet or pantry shelf.  It is also perfect for organizing cans, jars and medicine bottles.

I store my husband’s grilling spices in the pantry and I use this expandable shelf.  I actually have two of these organizers and use the other for canned goods and jars.

How to Organize Spices - Expandable Tiered Shelf Organizer.

Pull Out Spice Rack

If you’d rather have a spice rack that pulls out so you can bring the spices to eye level, then check YouCopia’s spice rack with drawers that glide out and lower down.  It comes with spice labels for the drawer fronts so you can quickly find the spice you need.  It works well in a cabinet or pantry.  No installation required.

The picture shows the 30 bottle spice rack but it also comes in 12, 18 and 24 bottle racks.

How to Organize Spices - Pull Out Spice Rack.

Rotating Spice Rack

Lazy Susans are excellent for organizing spices.  This stainless steel 2-tiered rotating spice rack can hold a lot of spices in a small space while all the spices are still easily accessible.

How to Organize Spices -Rotating spice rack with 2 tiers.

If you don’t have room for a two-tiered rack but want the rotating functionality, this lazy susan organizer is slightly raised in the middle so the jars in the center can be easily seen.  

How to Organize Spices - Lazy Susan Spice Organizer.

Magnetic Spice Organizer

Sometimes you the last is the least.  Meaning this last idea is my least favorite.  I haven’t found a solution to use magnets for spice organization besides using special tins.  This means you will have to transfer the spices from the store bought bottles into tins.

You will not only need to transfer the spices, but all of the spice tins I’ve seen also have a clear lid.  Light will deteriorate spices. The clear lid allows light in, especially because the spices are likely to be stored in areas with more light with this method of organization.

And even with those negative points, I’m still including this option on the list.  The fact is, there are a lot of small kitchens and using a magnetic spice organizer on the side of the fridge may be the only option.  But if you do have room for one of the other options, use that first.

The best magnetic spice tins are made by Authentic by Talented Kitchen.  They come with two styles of spice labels.  There is also an option to buy a magnetic wall plate.  But if you have enough space for the wall plate, please go back and look at a wall mounted spice rack that you can use the original spice jars instead of transferring.

How to Organize Spices - Magnetic Spice Organizer



Save yourself some time by selecting a spice organizer that doesn’t require you to transfer spices into special containers.  It is ok if all of your spice jars don’t match.  If matching is really important to you, then try to buy all your spices from the same brand.

How to organize spices. Spices on spoons.

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